Use of Keyword Rotator in Discount Coupon Sender

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Discount Coupon Sender provides you a feature Keyword Rotator which Can help you to Increase Amazon Ranking GREATLY.

In this article, we will understand the use of Keyword Rotator and its effectiveness in terms of Amazon Rankings but before we understand the Keyword Rotator we will first need to know about the Coupon Delivery Page in details & we also need to understand how we can use the Coupon Delivery Page effectively to help our product buyers to find our product on Amazon along with increasing our product visibility & rankings in Amazon search for multiple product search keywords.

The Coupon Delivery Page can be used not only to deliver the Coupon code to the product buyer, you can also use it to display the Search & Find instructions of your product to your product buyer that will help them to find your product in the Amazon & redeem the coupon they got from your Coupon Campaign. You can enter the Search & Find instructions for your product buyer in the Coupon Delivery page on the Step 3 of Campaign creation. Please see the below screenshot

In the text area in section Coupon Delivery Page Contents you can add search & find instructions along with images. In Search and find instructions you can mention the keyword by which you want your user to search your product inside Amazon, the more users search for a keyword & the more users click on your product on search results for that keyword, your product rankings are likely to get better for that keyword, but what if you want to have your product rank high for multiple keywords ? Here Keyword Rotator comes into play , you can use Keyword Rotator to list out multiple Keywords with priority order (High,Medium,Low) & replace the actual Keyword with the shortcode [[Keyword]] in the search & find instructions box. Once you have replaced it & have listed multiple keywords with Priority mentioned of each keyword in the Keyword Rotator, the Keyword Rotator will start displaying different keywords on the search & find instructions randomly whenever a coupon gets issued to the product buyer. Every product buyer will see a different keyword & the repeating frequency of each keyword will get decided on the basis of the selected priority for that keyword in Keyword Rotator. Keywords with High selected as priority will be displayed to most of the buyers and the keyword with Medium & Low priority selected will be displayed less as compared to the High priority keywords.

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