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Review Sequencing for Follow-Ups in Discount Coupon Sender

Reviews play an integral part by significantly increasing the conversion rate(purchase rate) of a product on Amazon.

It’s human nature and their behaviour patterns lead customers to buy products with higher reviews rather than those with a lesser count. Their innate nature to be precautions always makes them follow the vast and safe way of following the reviews left by other customers.

For us to exploit that very reason, our software was crafted in a way to ensure you get the best out of your customers and not miss an opportunity to stockpile your reviews from verified buyers.So here’s how a normal sales funnel works with Discount Coupon Sender :

Once your conversion happens or in simple terms; after your buyer has purchased your product, a good number of questions arise!

P.S: Coupon code is one and the same to the promo code that you are aware of.

Were they able to successfully claim the coupon via DCS?

Did they successfully collect their claimed coupon?

Did they successfully redeem their claimed coupon on Amazon?

Was the product successfully delivered to them?

As an Amazon Seller, gaining the answer to these key questions will ensure that you have complete control over the cycle.

Yes, Naturally! By using Discount Coupon Sender, you can verify this in the collected leads section.

You also have the option of using Google Analytics/ Facebook Pixel codes. Check out the respective guides for more info.

So how does review sequencing work in Discount Coupon Sender?

Depending on whether you choose to deliver your coupon codes via Email or Messenger,

We’ve altered the sequence template so you get the best out of it and not to mention, fully customizable as explained earlier.

1. Delivering coupons via Emails
You can configure this in step 3 of campaign creation.

We can alter the coupon claim sequence, change claim follow-up and change review follow-up.

Once you configured your coupon delivery in accordance with your liking and deliver the coupon code to your customer.

Following which, we will configure the review follow-up

Ensure that you give sufficient time (in days) to your customers before you start the follow-up. This will give them sufficient time to get their product delivered before a review is requested.

Here’s how the actual mail looks so you can get a realistic feel.

2. Delivering coupons via Facebook Messenger:

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Facebook Messenger has a much higher open rate compared to

Email Campaigns, so you’ll have better open rates (70-80%) leading to higher engagement rates as high as 44%.

So to configure your Coupon & Review Follow-up sequence, we will be targeting the customers who we’ve already redeemed our coupons using our Amazon Sales funnel software – Discount Coupon Sender.

The Follow-up sequence is set up in a way that you can manually set the trigger to start after a certain period after your coupon has been claimed and most importantly, knowing whether your customers have received their product so you ask for your product

Here’s the actual flow that you will have based on how you set things up. And everything is completely customizable.

Coupon Claim sequence – Positive & Negative scenarios:

Coupon review sequence –  Positive & Negative scenarios:

With our review sequencing feature enabled, you will be able to get “Verified Issues” the right way and you can avoid incentivising for Amazon Reviews which is against their terms and conditions. You can read more here.

To learn more about this, check out our other guide
"The complete guide to getting detailed reviews on Amazon - 2019 update!"

Feel free to check out our knowledge base and reach out to us via mail and our customer support will revert back to you ASAP.

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