Instructions to Configure Coupon Delivery via Facebook Chat Bot in first step of Campaign Creation

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We've completely revamped our Facebook Messenger to make it much more simpler. Check out our latest guide here.
Check out our latest guide
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Deliver Coupons Via Facebook Messenger & add your prospective buyers as messenger subscribers

In this post we are going to demonstrate that how you can increase your ROI of external traffic campaigns that you run for your Amazon listings by distributing discount coupon codes via Facebook messenger & adding them as your Messenger subscribers so that you can re-market them in future & also can follow-up for reviews using a Messenger marketing tool called ManyChat.

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a tool that helps you to send Marketing messages in bulk to your Facebook Messenger subscribers. It is the new form of marketing with ~98% Open Rates. Amazon Sellers can utilize Messenger Marketing Tactics to improve sales & get more reviews. You will need a ManyChat pro account to make this work which is only $10.00 a month.

Instructions to Configure Coupon Delivery Via Chat Bot

1. Integrate your ManyChat Account with Discount Coupon Sender. To integrate click on Manage ManyChat Accounts in the left sidebar. Enter the friendly name of the ManyChat Account you want to integrate with the Name field & enter the access token of your ManyChat account in the Access Token Field. You can find the ManyChat Access Token by going to ManyChat Settings>API

2. Now create a campaign & select the option Facebook Messenger in Deliver Coupon Via* in the first step of campaign creation.

3. Now select the ManyChat account that you just connected in Step 1
4. Now Login into your ManyChat account & click on Growth Tools & create a new Growth Tool
5. Enter the Widget Name in the top of next screen & Select the Messenger Ref URL as the widget type.

6. Now in the next screen, you need to Edit your Opt-In Message.

7. In the next screen, you will be presented with a bunch of editing options, you need to simply click the cross icon in the flow editor of ManyChat & delete the existing Opt-In message & once you have deleted it you will need to select the dynamic content option in place of it.

8. Once you have selected the Dynamic Content Icon, it will get highlighted it the flow editor & then we need to click on “Add a request for dynamic content”

9. Now you will get a pop-up window where you will see a field named “Request URL” you need to enter the value of “Notify URL” field that you got in the first step of Discount Coupon Sender campaign creation. After that click on the Body tag, then click on the Add Full Subscriber Data option then after that again click on Full subscriber data. Then finally click save.

Notify URL

This step ensures that as soon as your prospect buyer clicks on “Get Coupon On Messenger” button on the landing page they get Opted-In & presented with the Coupon. If you are very well familiar with ManyChat you can add more messages & options after this.

10. Now go back to your growth tool main screen & click save then click on Setup tab on the same screen to get your Messenger Ref URL.

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11. Copy the Messenger Ref URL you get in the above step & paste it in the “Facebook Messenger URL” field of step 1 of campaign creation of Discount Coupon Sender.

12. Now go to step 2 to design your landing page, once designed proceed to step three. In step 3 enter the Opt-In message in the “Coupon Delivery Message Contents” Field that you want to display to your users along with the Coupon Code shortcode. You can also include the search & find instructions using Keyword Rotator that will be displayed to your users.

13. Save & complete the fourth step of the campaign. Now you successfully integrated the ManyChat with Discount Coupon Sender.

Thanks for reading so far & please feel free to get in touch if you need any help at

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