Guidelines For Creating Single Use Coupon Code

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Guidelines For Creating Single-Use Coupon Code

This article helps Amazon Seller to enhance their sale and ranking.

In this article, I have explained the complete use of coupon codes and their types.


1. Coupon codes for discounting your product for friends and family.

This is the best way to get reviews from your people without much effort. If you are new to Amazon this can help you to grow your business.

2. Coupon codes for product launches.

You can give heavy discounts when you want to sell your product to a large number of people. In this way, you can sell a bunch of Amazon products that can be easily reviewed.

Now I will explain the uses of Coupon codes.

There are two types of coupon codes

 1.  Single-Use Coupon Codes– These are the codes that can be used only for one time. These coupon codes are useful in product launch for giving coupon codes to each individual and it can not be shared with anyone.

2.  Standard Coupon Codes/Regular Coupon Codes– These types of coupon codes are for everyone. You can create these coupon codes and anyone can use them. This type of coupon code is risky and it is advisable to not use these coupon codes when you want to offer large discounts.


1. First thing is to log into your Amazon Seller’s account and you will land on the homepage.

2. Click on “Advertising” from the upper section of the homepage. Now you will be given two options and you have to select the “Promotion” option.

3. Now you will land on the next page in which you can see different options. In this, you need to choose the “Percentage off” section.

4. On the next page, you need to fill all the details. I will break down each section to elaborate on each step.

5. The first section tells about the various conditions.

BUYER PURCHASE- Select 1 and leave as it is as shown below.

PURCHASE ITEM- This is the main section. You need to select left the blue link right next to this section.

Now choose the “ASIN list” from the drop-down and click on “Create Product Section”.

Fill all the details given below. The first two slots are for tracking records only. In the next slot, you need to give ASIN the number of products for which you want to run promos.

Now you will see a success notification.

Now go back to your page and refresh it.

Next, you need to choose the product you just created from drop-down menus.

BUYER’S GET: In this, you will have to decide how much amount you want to give the discount.

Note: I personally advise you to use the “Percent-off” option so that you can protect your product from getting out of the stock.

APPLIES TO: In this section, you need to choose where you want to apply the discount. I would like to select “Purchased Items”.

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BUYER’S BENEFIT APPLIES TO A QUANTITY OF- In this section you need to put 1 if you want the code to only work on 1 item. This saves your product stock.

ADVANCED OPTION: Leave as it is. This is what your section looks like.

6. In the next stage, you need to fill the “Scheduling section”.

START DATE: In this, you can set the date in which you want to activate your promo codes. It takes 4 hours to activate the coupon.

END DATE: In this section, you can choose the end time of your promo.

INTERNAL DESCRIPTION: Name all the promo codes.

TRACKING ID:  I keep it as it is.

7. Now you will see an “Additional option”.

CLAIM CODE: Check the box near to the claim code. This will open a drop-down menu. Now it will look like this.


CLAIM CODE: This code is entered by people for getting discounts. But it doesn’t really matter.

CLAIM CODE COMBINABILITY: Choose the “exclusive option”

CUSTOM MESSAGING: Click on this section.

Important: Uncheck the “Detail page display text” box. If you do not uncheck the promo code then it will be available to everyone.

Remember to uncheck the box!

Now you are done with this. Scroll down and click on the “Review button”.

8. In the next step, you will need to review all the sections! Then click on the submit button.

9. Once you will “Submit” and you will get notification ‘Your promotion has been created’. Then click ‘View or modify your promotion.’

10. Coming to the next page click on “Manage claim codes”.

11. Now you are almost done! You will see the page below.

GROUP NAME: You can name these codes.

QUANTITY: I kept it 100. The maximum amount of coupon codes that can be used is 100. This keeps your product safe & secure.

12. Now ‘Create’ and the claim code group will start to process. Then, you need to download code & save it.

13. Your download file will be in zip form. You can unzip it or upload it into your tool and save it for later use.

Claim Code Combinability

Claim code combinability setting is important to understand otherwise it will affect your sales and profit. It will give you two options and these options relate to how your single-use promo code can be used together with any other applicable promo codes.

  • Preferential
  • Unrestricted.

Preferential: By using this option, a customer can be able to redeem only one promo code. They can add more than one to their purchase, but only the promotion with the highest value will be applied.

Unrestricted:  This option doesn’t have any restrictions that mean customers can use as many active promotions and that is why it is risky to set.

Can Customers Combine Promo Codes and Amazon Coupons?
Yes, we can use the Amazon coupon in combination with your promo code.

There is a need to keep in mind that claim code combinability will only affect promo codes. If you have a coupon on your listing then you can’t stop customers from using this, in combination with your promo code.

Thus, if you are offering a 10% coupon on your listing, and a 90%-off promo code, then customers will be able to get your product free of cost. Ultimately, it will offer 100% off.

There is no way to prevent these from being combined. But, if you plan to run high-value promo code campaigns therefore you can prevent it by turning off any Amazon coupon promotions.

Automatically deliver single-use promotion codes
With the help of single-use promo codes, you can prevent one person from hogging up all your discounted items.

Amazon sellers need to spend hours every week to email single-use promo codes manually. The automatic emailing process can heal this process.

Discount Coupon Sender automates the process of sending single-use Amazon promo codes. When a customer reaches your Amazon landing page and enters their email for the promo code, Discount Coupon Sender will automatically send them a single-use promo code.

Learn more about our Amazon Landing page builder and coupon sender.

We designed this Amazon landing page generator to make it as easy as possible to distribute single-use Amazon promo codes.  All you need is your Amazon listing’s URL and the file of promo codes.

This is how you grow your business by driving external traffic to Amazon. Run promotions, boost your Amazon sales and rankings, and build email lists.

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