Guide to Fastest Coupon Delivery using “Lightning Campaigns”.

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This article will help you understand how the lightning campaign works with DCS and how it helps in maximizing your product sales in the shortest time possible.
Here’s a video guide that highlights the steps involved in the creation of Lightning Campaigns

To begin with, create a campaign using the 

All you need to select “Lightning Campaign” in step 1 of the landing page creation. Please do not the primary objective here is to not collect leads but to deliver the coupon to the customer the fastest possible way with the least number of clicks, thereby maximizing your sale. 

Upon completion of the first step, you can customize your landing page in accordance to your liking in step 2. Here, you can add or edit your logo, font size, font color, cross-selling, videos and other features that you might want to edit. 

Moving on the 3rd step of landing page creation, this is where you can we have a new option in addition to the other options which involves delivery set up.

Enable Combine “Go to Amazon” & “Copy Coupon”

     If you enable the option which is Combine “Go to Amazon” & “Copy Coupon” in the third step of landing page creation. Then the customer’s coupon is automatically copied and upon clicking the “Go to Amazon” button, the customer is redirected to Amazon where they can complete the purchase by automatically pasting their promo code in the relevant section. 

Disable Combine “Go to Amazon” & “Copy Coupon”

If you disable the option Combine “Go to Amazon” & “Copy Coupon” in the third step of landing page creation, the customer should manually copy the coupon code post clicking the “Grab this deal” and the redirect themselves to Amazon where they can enter and redeem their coupon.

The big difference? You save a click and your customer doesn’t have to enter any credentials. 

Also, based on your preference remember to configure the URL Builder. Discount Coupon Sender recommends using the Storefront URL ( 2 Step URL ) which acts like manual search & buy URL which will enhance your product keyword rankings!

       Now that you have successfully completed your 3rd step of the campaign creation, the next step is the tracking where you can integrate with Google Analytics/ Facebook Pixel. That’s it. You have configured your lightning campaign successfully.

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