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Welcome to Discount Coupon Sender, a promising tool to enhance your Amazon sale!

This guide will help you to understand the working of Discount Coupon Sender so that you can easily start your coupon campaigns and burst your sale.

To start with Discount Coupon Sender firstly you need to sign in by purchasing our product and you can also avail your free trial. After filling signup form you have to varify it with your Email. Now you have your own login id and password.

For creating first coupon campaign you need to integrate with autoresponders. Here we have five autoresponders that are Aweber, MailChimp & Getresponse, Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign. For now, I am using MailChimp.

 To begin with,  We will be logging in to my MailChimp account. With its login credentials, we can easily integrate with our campaign.

Now we need to add coupons list for campaigns. Coupon section is located on the left side of the dashboard. We can add coupons individually or we can upload with CSV file.

Here we will give a name to the coupon list so that there would be no confusion if we have more than one campaign at the same time.

Now we are able to start our campaign. Click on Add New Campaign which will take you to the campaign wizard.

This is the campaign page.Here we have two ways of delivering coupons. In this article we will learn how to deliver coupon via Landing Page.

The other way of delivering coupons is Facebook Messenger. Click here to know more about Facebook Messenger.

We need to fill all the information carefully.  We have to specify your campaign name, autoresponders, and duration of the campaign. Select the marketplace, landing page title, and product ASIN number. We have 6 beautiful templates. You can use any of them for your landing page. Then hit save and continue.

In the second step of campaign creation, we can completely customize the campaign. We can add a logo from the Navigation button on the header. Here you will be able to add/edit the Faq. Here you can promote the cross-selling with More Offers. In more offers, you can choose from the earlier campaign which you want to show in your present campaign.

Also, you can change the colors and fonts of the Landing Page according to your likings. For going further you need to press Save & Continue.

This is the third step of campaign creation. Here we need to select the coupon lists from the dropdown. We have a skip feature for those buyers who do not want to provide their details but still want to purchase the product. For them, you can select a lesser discount coupon list.

Here we have another feature Keyword Rotator which helps to increase the internal ranking of the seller. Click here to know more about Keyword Rotator.

Now we can edit/add the content for Coupon Delivery Page. It is completely customizable.

With going further, we need to provide the email from name and subject line. Following which, we can write instructions and steps for clamming coupon code.

Now we have some conditions for coupons which will help you to monitor your sales. Then press Save & Continue.

Now, this is fourth and the last step of campaign creation. We can add Google and Facebook Analytics tool so that we can get the behavior and patterns of the leads. 

Now we have completed all four steps. We can preview the page from the dashboard. You can share this link in your social media pages. If you have your own website then you can add this landing page by adding Get embedded HTML from the dashboard to your website.

This is the  Amazon Landing page through which user get prompted to buy your product by seeing huge discounts. Now the buyer clicks on grab this deal.

By clicking on this a popup will open in which the buyer will give their information to get access to the coupon code. From this, you will get the email of your leads.

After clicking submit button user get a confirmation message that details submitted! Please check your email for a coupon code. Also, if the prospect does not want to provide details then he can skip the process and directly claim the coupon directly.

Now your lead can claim their coupon code via their email.

This is the complete guide for Discount Coupon Sender! If you have any query then give us a line at

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