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What is GDPR and how does it support the buyer of Discount Coupon Sender?

General Data Protection Regulation is a European regulation which sets the plans for Data Regulation and protection laws within the European country. It is rolled out to maintain data privacy in the business environment to take benefits from the business economy.

In this internet connected world, Europe brings legislation to strengthen security among personal data in the digital system. The GDPR rules have been enforced on 25 May 2018

How Discount Coupon Sender is compliant with GDPR

We have researched a lot of things of GDPR regarding data protection and security. GDPR implemented to the organization working with the EU and outside EU providing goods and service to the people of EU.

Discount Coupon Sender is fully compliant with GDPR. Here are some major points which we have included as GDPR norms.

  1. Appointed a GDPR team which will take care of Marketing and data processing.
  2. Required actions while collecting personal data which include cookies consent notice.
  3. Management of customers and their information in the database
  4. Proactively updating of all the norms in Privacy Policy and informing the customers about it.
  5. Complete design of data breaching plan.

Modifications made by us regarding GDPR implementation

To make Discount Coupon Sender GDPR compliant, we have done some modifications.

You need to check this box as sellers for your buyers if you want to sell in the EU. From the third step of campaign creation, you are able to use the GDPR setting. There is a checkbox for enabling GDPR feature saying “I consent to future communications”.

There is also an alert message. If your buyer does not check for GDPR then an alert message will pop up saying “Are you certain that you do not want to opt-in to receive further communication.” This message would be there in coupon delivery page. If the buyer clicks the checkbox of GDPR then the coupon will be sent and their details will be saved in the database. If not, then alert message will pop up and if they are still not willing to check this opt-in then the coupon will be sent to them without saving their details.

Users are allowed to export and delete their data anytime they want

As a user of Discount Coupon Sender, under GDPR protection rule you can easily export the data anytime you want. Moreover, If you want you can delete your account. 

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For more details, you can go through this article  which is published by the European Parliament. You can go throughout the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy to know more about data protection and our working skills.

If you have any doubt regarding  GDPR then give us a line here.

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