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Amazon has a vast number of third-party seller and those numbers are increasing day by day. So if you want to sustain in this competitive environment you need a competitive advantage. We, Discount Coupon Sender understand your problem and we have come up for the best solution for your Amazon Products.

Driving external traffic to your product listing and enhancing your internal Amazon Keyword ranking can help you to find that extra edge. Amazon Continuously changes its algorithms and there are 3 main crucial points which remain there i.e. review, sale and most importantly conversions. Without conversion, all your effort will go in vain.

So, we have introduced 5 URLs which will help you to gain external traffic with targeted keywords which would help you to boom your sale. These links will help your buyer to get the product directly without any complexity. These URL will be added to coupon delivery page and from there you can land your potential buyer to your product page/store page/brand page whatever is suitable for you.

In this article, we will walk you through all 5 URLs which would help you to grow your organic product ranking thereby upgrading your sale.

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1. Simple URL– This is the most common and easiest way to land your customer to your Amazon product page. Here you will add the URL of your Amazon product and the buyer will make the purchase directly. This URL consist of product ASIN number. Buyer can make the purchase after applying their promo codes.

2. Keyword URL– Keyword URL helps you to target several keywords which you want to use for your product. This will eventually uplift the keyword search ranking and hence increasing your Amazon sale. You can add various keywords and their priority. For example, if you have 10 coupons and you made two keywords with priority 60% and 40% then the 1st keyword goes to first 6 customers and other keyword goes to next 4 customers. This will help you in targetting your keywords with external traffic, with a considerable amount of organic ranking for your products

3. Add to cart URLThis URL will directly go to add to the cart page where your product is added to the cart. The customer can change the quantity post which he can apply promo code while purchasing the product. The main point is, you cannot add keywords here. This link is for those buyers who want a quick purchase. Here you need to add the quantity with ASIN.

By using this feature, your product will become an “Amazon Choice” product in the near future. Amazon choice products are highly recommended, well-priced products that are ready to ship immediately.

4. Store URL If you want your buyer to land in your store then this is for you. Here you can use the keyword feature and also able to prioritize it. This link will be directed straight to your store listing. Here you need to provide store and Affiliate ID with keywords. The search will be within your store without any ASIN. Here the buyer will go to your listing by searching your preferred keywords. So you need to be sure shot about the naming of keywords.

There are some popular keyword tools like Jungle Scout which are used by successful Amazon sellers.

5. Brand URLIf you have a specific brand and you want to promote your brand then this is for you. Brand URL will take your buyer to your Brand page and the search will be on the brand page only. You can add various keywords and prioritize them with your needs. Here you need to add brand id as well as affiliate id with keywords. This URL is different from the store URL as it is brand specific.

So these are the 5 URL. If you have any doubt then, feel free to give us a line here.

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