How Promotional Campaigns work with Discount Coupon Sender

Discount Coupon Sender has introduced this campaign for sellers who only want to promote their live products on Amazon without offering a discount for the same. This can be used to drive traffic and combine with other campaigns for cross-selling. This also helps in enhancing the product ranking among this niche of products, this is achieved by using our URL builder (explained below).

Working Process of Promotional Campaign :

Here is the process which helps you to understand how the “Promotional Campaign” works.

In the beginning, you need to select “Promotional campaign” of the landing page creation and then you will get redirected to the campaign creation page which consists of 4 steps.

Step 1 : Here is the need to fill out the basic details of your product and can select a preferable design for your landing page.

Step 2: Into the next step, you can customize your page design as per your specifications. This tool has a “design edit tutorial” for customizing the landing page and you can utilize this tutorial in order to understand our design interface in a better way..

There is a way which helps you to add or edit your logo, content, font size, font color, cross-selling, videos and other features that you might want to edit.

Step 3: Moving to the next step, here you can set up your delivery page URL. You can build your own URL for that particular product which will be having your preference keywords, brands or store name, etc.

Here you can have a preview of your built URL which includes your preference words related to the details of your product and it acts like manual search & buy URL(2-Step URL) which will enhance your product keyword rankings.

Once you will done with landing page creation, by clicking on the “Go to Amazon” button, the customer will be redirected to the Amazon page where they can complete the purchase process based on the URL which is selected in the previous step.

Step 4: This is the tracking where you can integrate with Google Analytics/ Facebook Pixel.

Now, you have successfully completed all of the steps of the campaign creation and let your product be promoted with emphasized ranking which helps your business to grow gradually on Amazon.

Feel free to drop us an email at if you have any queries. As always, Discount Coupon Sender strives to help serve you better.

Thank you!

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