Five Best Sites for Amazon Seller to Increase Positive Reviews

By DCS on April 19, 2018

Amazon is a huge marketplace which includes a large number of the buyer as well as seller working on a single platform. As an Amazon Seller, the main asset to increase your Amazon Product Selling is Getting Positive Reviews.
Earlier buyers are bound to write reviews for discount products. But since Amazon rules are changing continually now it is up to the customer that they want to write a review for your product or not.

Why should an Amazon Seller use review sites?

Most of the buyers go through the reviews before purchasing any product on Amazon. As an Amazon Seller, you will definitely like to see as many reviews as you can. Positive review count does a miracle to your Amazon business. Here we have some points on why to use review sites.

  • It provides the access to Order Id of the buyers so that you can directly track your product and now you are able to make direct contact with them.
  • Many of the review sites have an advanced filter like ASIN, Order Id to deal with negative reviews.So it controls negative reviews so that you can increase the ranking of your products.
  • Review Sites gives you a complete report about your purchased product with Order Id of the buyer in a timely fashion.
  • It helps to manage your Amazon listing and manages your Amazon Promotion.
  • With Review site, you can easily manage reviews on Amazon Product in without wasting your time. It gives clear and straightforward idea about your product reviews.

Here are top five best Review sites to manage your Amazon reviews.

Amzfinder is the best tool ever for Amazon Seller to manage product reviews and provide complete access to order id so that you can easily communicate to your buyer directly. This allows you to filter negative reviews and you can also provide feedback response for each review. It sends you daily email report to your Amazon listing. It has 30-day free trial pack with pricing plan starting with $20 with feedback requesting system. It is the best tool for Amazon seller for getting reviews. You must try it once.

Earlier the name of this site is Amz Review Trader. It has a large number of products for the buyer. One can claim 20 items at a time. It allows 50% to 100% discounts on various products. For this site, the buyer needs approval for each and every product and it works as an advantage for the seller as to choose the right buyer for their product. Increase your Amazon sale with Vipon by quick and free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime Account. It supports the new launch with the quick transaction. Here you can see a list of new product that has just hit the market.

It is one of the most popular sites for Amazon review. It gives high discounts which range between 20% to 99%. Discounts are directly sent to the inbox via coupon code. It is a most trusted site among Amazon Seller. It has best support system giving you detailed instruction about each step. It takes less than 50 sec for signing up this.You need not wait for your coupon codes without wasting your single minute as you get your coupon code in your inbox. Try it at once.

This is a new review site and the main feature of this website is a buyer can apply for 10 products at a time. It gives the huge discounts on the products and manages positive review counts. There are varieties of product including electronics, fashion, home, health and body. It is basically a shopping guide website with thousands of discounts and coupons for almost all categories. Here you can easily sign up with few steps. It provides you real-time access to control over the reviews. It matches the reviews with the order id providing you instant results.

It is most prominent and famous website for Amazon seller. Here you can set a time limit for each and every offer. It allows the reviewer to join for free so that you can get a large number of reviews in short interval of time with heavy discounts. It has the large variety of items on its dashboard with coupon codes. There are two different menus of seller and reviewer. It provides the discount for those who write quality reviews.

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