Generate more traffic to your Amazon product with Discount Coupon Sender

Discount Coupon Sender helps in converting all the external traffic into your customer.

Discount Coupon Sender provides you everything to grow your Amazon Business.

Discount Coupon Sender is a tool for Amazon Seller to boost up their sale and ranking by driving external traffic to their Amazon product. Here we provide you the facility of coupon campaigns with email management including landing page with striking templates for your Amazon Product which you can make within 3 min without any professional designer.We have the unique feature of advertising similar product on the landing page so that you can also increase your cross-selling. This is quite simple and easy tool to increase your Amazon sale by advertising your product on different social platforms so that you can expand your business independently without the mercy of Amazon.

Reason for using Discount Coupon Sender tool for your Amazon Products

There is a huge competition among Amazon Sellers to enhance their sale and ranking. DCS gives you an edge over your competitors. Amazon hides the email address of your customer. But with the help of DCS landing page, you can advertise your Amazon product and user get prompted to buy the product. They will log-in to DCS giving their email id. This email listing is saved for future marketing Now you can easily generate external traffic straight to your listing. Amazon appreciates external traffic to your Amazon product. This results in better seller ranking and a healthy relationship with your potential customer.

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