Different ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon Listings

By DCS on April 26, 2018

Amazon is a huge marketplace with fierce competition among third-party sellers. To succeed in Amazon marketplace one’s has to bring their best cards on the table to survive in this arena. Amazon tries to ease the process of buying products on Amazon that is why its algorithm changes continually. Amazon cares about its customers and tries to minimize the perplexity of purchasing the product on Amazon.

What is the need to drive external traffic on Amazon?

Driving external traffic on Amazon provides a support to the seller to increase their sale and ranking abruptly. Here external traffic means traffic from other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc.Here is some points are explained below which shows the Importance of driving external traffic to Amazon Listing.
Building Large pool of potential buying
By using channels outside of Amazon to drive traffic to your Amazon Product Listing you are actually making more potential leads which increase your Amazon ranking thereby increasing your conversion ratio. Amazon recognizes you when you increase external traffic which helps in upgrading your internal organic ranking. By increasing organic ranking your product may be seen by thousands of visitors which helps to increase the number of sales.
Gives an edge over your competitor
Amazon is a huge marketplace where every seller competes to increase conversion. By driving external traffic straight to your listing gives an advantage crushing your competitors. Now you don’t need to compete with other products on Amazon page. This works as a golden asset to increase your Amazon Sales.
Amazon Appreciation
Amazon appreciates when you try to put external traffic to your listing. It helps to boost your internal Amazon ranking. By providing external traffic you help Amazon to gain more customers thereby making a huge amount of money on Amazon.

So external traffic plays a game-changing role in your Amazon Business. Before diving deep in an external source of traffic you need to concentrate on some basic ways to increase traffic on your Amazon listings. All the points are explained below.

Some basic ways to Increase Traffic to Amazon listing

1. Keywords Research with Optimised SEO
At first, you should know what type of keywords your customers do use for search and use that keyword in your Amazon listing to get the front position. This includes proper keyword listing with search volumes, keyword relevancy and complete description. Explain the feature and benefit of different section and elaborate them with help of bullets.If products have warranty period then highlight this point. You can leverage organic traffic on the basis of keyword research.

2.High-quality product photos
Photos play an important role in converting people into your customer. Your product photography will decide that how efficiently it can attract its customers. We have probably
listened this phrase “First Impression is the last Impression” and it perfectly suits in this condition. Photos must be eye catching so that people cannot resist themselves without buying your product. Every picture has its own story. So it is needed to focus the quality of photos of your product and you need to maintain the technical photography guidelines of Amazon. It is recommended to use the light background in
your images.

3.Running Ads for traffic
Different kinds of product need a different platform for Advertisement. You can start with Facebook Ads for specific people who might be interested in your product. If your product is about clothing, lifestyle or for any particular fashion then you can start with Facebook. If your product is specific to girl or women then you can go for Pinterest. If you have many followers you can share on Twitter as well as Instagram.

4.Making Enhanced Brand Content
Creating Amazon Brand Content also known as ECB (Enhanced Brand Content) helps to increase conversion ration. ECB allowed for the seller who has gone through the approval
process of Amazon’s Brand Registry. There are enhanced brand content fields where you can create your Brand Story with high-resolution pictures which help to stand in front of your customer.

This is basic ways to drive traffic. Now we will talk about external traffic. Earlier I have explained the Importance of External traffic on Amazon listing. In the next point, I will explain about the tool which helps to increase external traffic.

5. Increasing External Traffic with Amazon Landing Page
Landing Page is a webpage in which you can give complete information and benefits with a feature about your product. You can easily add images and description. You can add this page to your website or you can share this page on a social media platform. There are various tools which provide landing page creation facility.

Here we have some other way to drive external traffic.


Emails are the best way to communicate with your customers.

Affiliate or Influencer Marketing-

Sharing hand with those who already have an existing audience for the promotion of the product.

Blog Post

If you have an existing blog with a huge reader group and if your product is related with your blog post then this might help you a lot.

Search Engine Ads-

You can run your ads on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

How to know which Traffic Source works best for your

Amazon has a huge amount of product listing. Each product has its own way of marketing. So at first, you need to understand the behavior of the product so that you can target to Relevant Listing.This process can be further divided into four steps and all are explained below.
Fix Your Goal-
The first step is you should know your goal. This means you may want traffic in you Amazon listing or you may want high keyword ranking or want to drive external traffic by advertising your products. You need to choose any one step so that you can move further.
Try Different Platforms-
You can try different channels for your product like facebook, twitter, Instagram whatever makes sense with your Product. You can start with Facebook campaigns where you can target a specific group of people who might be interested in your product.
Test and Double Down the Process-
After trying different platforms you can test the results means which platform suits you the most for your product. You can spend a limited amount of money to double down the same process.

Why it is preferred to have External Traffic Over Straight Traffic to your Amazon Listings?

There is a misconception of driving external traffic straight to your listings. Amazon Seller makes a huge mistake by making direct traffic because it can destroy the long-term relationship with the customers.

By sending traffic to your listing you may notice the current spike in traffic but not in conversions.Conversion is the main factor in Amazon Ranking Algorithm. If Amazon notices the spike in traffic without conversion it lowers the ranking.

So what can you do to increase the traffic to your listings?

The best answer is to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing through Landing Pages.

How to Increase Conversions with Landing Page?

Landing Pages provides most converting traffic down to a specific audience which helps to grow your Amazon Business.

The Landing Pages are also helpful in collecting emails so that you can market through these emails in future. Emails are a most valuable asset to online marketing. Amazon Sellers can do a lot of things with email lists of their leads.

  • Promotion on Product Launch-

You can email your customers about your product launch with discounts and you can sell your product from day one.

  • Retarget your Audience-

By getting a complete email listing you can retarget your audience with different channels like twitter, facebook etc.

  • Email Newsletter-

You can maintain a long-term relationship with your leads by sending them regular educational and supportive emails about your products. For example, suppose your product is an electronic grinder so you can send an email about its working or about its plate which can help them to get more valuable things out of it.

  • Build Your E-commerce Brand-

Without going to your email listing you can presell your product with the help of Landing Pages.

Landing Pages helps to collect email listing of your lead which gives a robust structure for growing your Amazon Market. There are two types of Landing Pages to drive external traffic to your listing.

  1. 1.Basic Purpose Landing Page Tool

This provides the basic purpose of Landing Page tool like MailChimp, Aweber etc. They work as autoresponder and you can send free content or e-books via them.

  1. 2.Amazon Landing Page for Promotion

Here we will talk about Amazon Landing Page Creator Tool such as Discount Coupon Sender. This works on single-use coupon codes for an email opt-in. In this customer gives their email in response to coupon code which helps to increase traffic thereby increasing conversion ratio. Landing Page works as intermediatory in driving external traffic and boost your Amazon Sales.



Amazon Landing Page is a huge asset to Amazon Seller to skyrocket their sale and ranking. By providing complete email listing this tool enables you to make a long-term relationship with your customer which is really uplift your sale.It works as winning strategy for you as well as Amazon.

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