Boost your Amazon Sales with Email Campaigns

By DCS on September 25, 2019

This guide will help you to understand the working of an Email campaign via Discount Coupon Sender. It is a promo code campaign that distributes Amazon coupon codes to boost your sale, product ranking & reviews on Amazon by using direct or Email Delivery.

Working Process of Email Campaign :

Here is the process which helps you to understand how the “Email Campaign” works with Discount Coupon Sender.

To begin with, our campaign creation section. Click on Add New Campaign which will take you to the campaign wizard.

This is the campaign wizard which consists of a series of our campaigns and among them, you need to select the “Email Campaign” for the landing page creation. Here we have two ways of delivering coupons. In this article, we will learn how to deliver coupons via the landing page.

Therefore you will get redirected to the campaign creation page which consists of 4 steps.

Step 1:

The customer needs to fill out all the basic information about their product like Market place, product ASIN, etc. Once a product ASIN number has entered, it will automatically fetch the complete information of that particular product from Amazon and trigger it here. They can select preferable landing page design among our 6 beautiful templates. Then hit the “Save & Continue”  button and move to the next step.

Step 2:

In the second step of campaign creation, you can completely customize the campaign. This tool has a “design edit tutorial” for customizing the landing page and you can utilize this tutorial in order to understand our design interface in a better way. Customers can customize their logo, content, font size, font color, cross-selling, videos and other features that they might want to edit for your Landing Page. By clicking on the “Save & Continue” button you can move to the next step.

Step 3: 

Moving on to the third step of campaign creation which a delivery setup page. It consists of a few important sections.

Coupon Section: Here, the customer needs to upload a list of coupons from Amazon that they would be using for this campaign. If done so already, they can select the list from the drop-down. Also, here skip feature is also provided for those buyers who do not want to provide their details but still want to purchase the product. So, they can select an alternate coupon.

URL Builder Section: Here you can set up the redirection URL of your Call to Action (Go to Amazon) button which leads your shoppers to the Amazon Product Listing. You can build your own URL for that particular product which will be having your preference keywords, brands or store name, etc and also, you can have a preview of your built URL. This built URL acts like manual search & buy URL(2-Step URL) which will enhance your product keyword rankings.

Moving further, you need to provide the email from name and subject line. Following this process, you can write instructions and steps for clamming coupon code.

Now we have some conditions for coupons which will help you to monitor your sales. Then for moving click on the “Save & Continue” button.

Step 4: 

Now, this is fourth and the last step of campaign creation. You can add Google and Facebook Analytics tool so that we can monitor the behavior and patterns of leads.

Now, all of the steps of campaign creation has been completed successfully. You can have a preview of your landing page from the dashboard. You can share this link on your social media pages. If you have your own website then you can add this landing page by adding Get embedded HTML from the dashboard to your website.

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This is the Amazon Landing page through which users get prompted to buy your product by seeing huge discounts.

Once the buyer will click on the “Grab This Deal” button a popup will open in which the buyer will give their information to get access to the coupon code. From this, you will get the email of your leads. After clicking the submit button user gets a confirmation message that details submitted! Please check your email for a coupon code.

Also, if the prospect does not want to provide their details then they can skip the process and directly claim the coupon.

Now your lead can claim their coupon code via their email.

This is the complete guide for Discount Coupon Sender Email campaign and let your product ranking be emphasized which helps your business to grow gradually on Amazon.

Feel free to drop us an email at if you have any queries. As always, Discount Coupon Sender strives to help serve you better.

Thank you!

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