Choose the Right Campaign based on your need.

Whether you plan on running E-mail marketing campaigns, Facebook Campaigns, Google Ads or Pre-Launch Campaigns to drive traffic to your landing pages, we have the best campaigns for you to maximize your profits.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Collect Emails & Distribute your Promo Codes via Facebook with much higher (80-90%) open rates compared to Email Campaigns.

  • Facebook Ads

    Customize, Publish & Drive Traffic to your Landing Pages to further your growth on Amazon with Click to Messenger Campaigns on Facebook.

  • Promotional Campaigns

    Promote your Campaigns and Pixelate your links and send your users to Amazon without a Discount or Promotion.

  • Email Campaign

    Capture Leads & Distribute your Promo Codes Directly or via Emails

  • Lightning Campaigns

    Fastest promo code redemption with pixelated links with no friction for your customers. Perfect for Google Ads.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    Advertise your campaigns even before you Launch your products to create Brand Awareness.

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