Amazon Email Marketing Strategies For Amazon FBA Seller

Email Marketing is a revolution in the field of digital marketing. This post explains how Amazon seller can use digital media to connect to your potential leads.

Amazon provides an amazing way to sell products and gain money from that. But in today’s competitive world selling on Amazon is not that easy. As an Amazon seller, it is important to understand your customer so that you can easily market to them.

Now the first question is, what are the most efficient ways to make money from the list of your leads.

With an effective email marketing, you can easily connect to your targeted leads. Your email listing works as golden opportunity to enhance your sale and for that, you need to feed it well and extract profit from it.

Strategies for Email Marketing

Picking high-quality email list in your hand you can surely increase your sale and revenue.Unfortunately, this theory doesn’t work same for all Amazon Seller. Some of them start collecting email list.

1. And when they decided to use it, they experience low open rates and some of the users unsubscribe it.

2. When the seller gets over excited they begin promoting ruthlessly and burn their own list an many customers mark them as a spammer.

Now just think about your own email box. How many emails have you got in a day? How do you react to these emails? Which one do you want to open and why? Which type of mail do you want to ignore?

With this, you can have an idea that how your leads will react to your mail. Implementing strategic email marketing will influence your results.

With my experience, I can say “cold” emails are completely worthless. The blatant email will create a negative impact on your leads.

To make “warm” email listing you need to build a relationship without becoming over obsessed. Your email must attract them by catching their attention. By making your listing warm you can start to send promotions and offers of your product.

Email Marketing Automation

Keeping tracks of your leads entering their email id’s to database and sending to specific campaigns is such a cumbersome process. But email marketing tools provide us one-click integration facility.

Once you have an email marketing campaign its time to set up an automation system. Emails are triggered with preset conditions thereby guiding all the subscribers.

Let’s assume a customer opts in for your offer which is promoted by you. You could set a welcome email introducing your new brand to them. After a week you can send some educational emails regarding your products.

Once they purchased the product you can automate the email asking them if they are satisfied with the product and if they are willing to leave a review for your product.

Now you get in the position where you can build up a direct connection with your leads. Now you can promote another product to this customer. But before automation of your email marketing, you need a powerful tool to handle a bunch of your lists.

Use of Email Marketing Software

There are various email marketing companies offering a variety of features. This software enables you to create a list, segments of the overall listing and send it with automated emails.

Most of the email marketing service provides a complete view of insights by displaying click-through rates, email opening rates, goal conversions and various analytics. The most popular service comes with a free trial.There is various pop-up pop–in features and they are triggered by timer and events of your website.

MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Clickfunnel are the most famous email marketing software. These services allow you to use templates for your email, build huge listing and analyze the conversion results. All you need to do is to put your content in the suitable template.

Email Listing with catchy subject lines

After you have started email listing with DiscountCouponSender you can start sending out emails. But the question is what should be the exact pattern of email so that user get prompted to open these emails.

The first thing you need to keep in mind that “from” name and “company name” should be same. If the customer receives the random email without a recognized name then they can probably mark you as a spammer.

Now coming to the pattern of email one might think that the body of the email would be most important part of the email but surprisingly its wrong. The majority of customers only notice the subject of the mail. So even if you put your effort into making the attractive body of your mail without concentrating on your subject then its completely worthless.

The more personal you can make your emails the better response you get from your customer. The subject of your email should be sweet and precise.

If it is a welcome email then welcome them. If it is on sale then tell them about the sale. Remember that you need to just stick to the point. You can use small demographics to increase your conversion rate.

Customer will remember certain patterns of your emails so if you try to send repetitive subject there are chances of getting more open rates. Keep your subject line fresh and eye-catching.

Try to keep your email short and precise because most of the user their phone for reading emails. Finally, test your new emails before sending them to your leads.

Welcome Email of Amazon

When you first sign up as a customer with Amazon they will send you an introductory mail about their brand. At starting you may not get the good open rate. The best way to increase open rate is to experiment with different ideas and find it out what suits for your brand. When the customer gets interested in your product they will automatically sign up your list. Once they have signed in all you need to do is to engage them with interesting emails about your product and occasionally present them new offers.

In the end, I must say that Email Marketing is a long-term game but its incredibly lucrative once you have opted for it.

Amazon Product Research and Product Selection Tips For Amazon Seller

As an Amazon seller, the first question that strikes in our mind is that what is the product that you need to sell. Which kind of Product will be preferred by the customer. What type of the product can increase my revenue? All your doubts are explained below.

  • ✓ Amazon Product Research
  • ✓ Importance of Amazon Product Research
  • ✓ How to perform Amazon Product Research
  • ✓ Some tips & tricks for Amazon Product Selection
  • ✓ Famous software for Amazon Product Research
Amazon Product Research

Amazon is the biggest marketplace with a huge number of buyer’s as well as sellers. Many Amazon seller has taken the fortune of selling their product on Amazon while some are still struggling with research on their products.

There are millions of products sold by Amazon but you should know which product is suitable for you by making your revenue high as never before. It can be challenging for the new seller to find the product which has a huge demand in the market.

You will need to perform a thorough research on the product and its prices. There are a number of ways to search for your product on Amazon.

Importance of Amazon Product Research

Amazon Product Search is an essential step for your revenue. You should know the possibilities of market and need of your customer.

The in-depth research is needed for tracking record of your the competitor to know how they are working with their products.

You can also improve your sale by introducing your product with a classy description. Try to take reviews from your customer and take their complaints into consideration.

How to perform Amazon Product Research

There are a lot of ways to conduct Amazon Product Research. There are various automated tools and software for Amazon Product Research.

The Amazon Best Seller page gives the complete list of all the best selling products on this page. You can also find a product based on categories & subcategories. You can get an overall idea that which product is suitable for your customer. Also, you can check out the related products to expand your market.

If you start with the expensive product then your customer will do more research about the product and they try to compare your product with different sites. And at the opposite, if you start with low price product then they associate with cheap quality products.

Note: Don’t go for the product which is too high or too low in pricing.The purchase rate of a moderately priced item tends to be sold more in comparison of expensive and cheap products.

Some tips and tricks for Amazon Product Selection

The toughest part of selling Amazon Product is to select the products so that you can increase your revenue. Here are some important points you should keep in mind for Amazon Product Selection.

1. You should be familiar with a product which you
want to sell.

There is a known saying “write what you know?”.This is also applied to selling products. To increase your sale you need to understand your products so that you can easily highlight the key features and its description. Plus if you are passionate about your product you can easily convince them to try your product.

2. Try for a combination of rank & LQS

LQS stand for Listing Quality Score and it describes product selling length and its keyword richness. Your main concern should be to find a product with the low-rank score and its LQS should be about 70.

3. Don’t go for the product that has too many reviews

Reviews are incredibly important part of selling any product. But you should be careful about picking a product that has too many reviews. The reason behind this is that you may face a fierce competition. While if you choose a fewer reviewed product it will be easy to get 5-star reviews which can affect your rating in a positive way.

4. Keep your project margin to be 25% or less.

While selecting the product margin you should stick with 25% margin and less than what they had sold on Amazon. This is quite simple. You can easily estimate the profit you had made on a single unit and the investments.There are many factors for estimation.

  • ☐ Product Price
  • ☐ Product Size
  • ☐ Product weight
  • ☐ Monthly storage fees
  • ☐ Monthly sale
  • ☐ Total FBA fees
  • ☐ Product Profit
  • ☐ ROI

5. Products sold easily when they are light and small.

An item with heavy weight will cost more to ship. The size of packaging also matters. Larger item increases the price list cutting your profit margins. By picking smaller and lighter product you can easily manage your shipping changes and FBA fees.

You should be careful about the packaging. It should not be too small or too light as you don’t want the package to be easily crushed by simply falling. There is also a risk with a fragile product like glasses. Try to pick something durable and easy to hold with.

Famous Software for Amazon Product

You can find many product software which can help you with your product research. The tools have various features like a complete database, product description, tracking the competition to help the new seller. Few of them are listed below.

Jungle Scout– This web app is very popular for novice sellers. You can find a huge database of products with various filters like price, rank, rating, weight, marketplace and so on. This app can be used for all the marketplace in the world. It is available for google chrome extension that allows you to take data easily. In this, you can easily search for a product with high demand with low competition.

Unicorn Smasher– It helps as supporting tool for your Amazon business. It is a free tool which works great for a beginner. You can get sale estimates easily.