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Landing Page Generator & Promo Code Sender for

Amazon Sellers

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One account for multiple marketplaces

One account for multiple marketplaces

Our software works with CA, US, MX, BR, ES, UK, FR, DE, IT, IN, JP, AUS, CN, IN Amazon marketplaces. No extra charges for additional Amazon Marketplaces - A single Subscription for all your Marketplaces

How It Works ?

Step 1
Choose your Campaign
Unique Campaigns tailored for your needs
Drive Traffic to your Amazon Listing using Email Campaigns, Facebook Messenger (Chat Bots) Campaigns & Facebook Ad Campaigns.

And our exclusive Lightning Campaigns - Fastest Promo Code Redemption, Promotional Campaigns - without discounts or offers & Even create Advertisement Campaigns - Pre-Launch Campaigns.
Step 2
Customize your Landing Pages
Various high converting Templates to suit your branding & needs
Choose Your template, add videos to your Landing Pages, link your other products to cross sell and also have the option to choose which of your Amazon Reviews you want to show. We give you a complete customization.
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Step 3
Configure Promo Code Delivery
Control how your clients redeem thier offers
Deliver both single use promo codes & multiple use promo codes created in Amazon Seller Central with Discount Coupon Sender
Fully Automated with the option to deliver via Emails, Facebook or Direct redemption along with Coupon Redemption Urgency & Shield.
Step 4
Capture Your Leads
Collect Leads from both Facebook & Email Campaigns
The only Landing Page software out there that collects emails even on Facebook in exchange for a Promo code to cross sell and build your Amazon Independent empire in the future.
Step 5
Pixelate your redirect URL's
Direct your clients to Amazon with enriched URL's
Our 5 redirect URL's include 2 Step URL's to ensure your Product Keyword Rankings on Amazon are boosted greatly.
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Step 6
Automate your Follow-Up Review Sequences
Ensure you don't miss a chance to collect a review!
Completed Automated Flows with Review sequences to in Facebook & Email Campaigns to collect reviews and minimize the chances of getting a negative review.
Step 7
Various Autoresponders & Campaign Analytics
Our tool directly integrates with your Autoresponder/Messenger Marketing platforms & saves your customer details, Track your analytics with Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics

Campaign Types

  • Facebook Messenger

    This is a promo code campaign which distributes Amazon coupon codes to boost your sale, product rankings & reviews.... on Amazon by using a landing page via Facebook Messenger.

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  • Facebook Ads

    This campaign is focused on promoting products that don't a discount offer. This can be used to drive traffic and combine with.... other campaigns for cross selling.

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  • Promotional

    This campaign helps you connect your Facebook Ad with our Facebook messenger service to deliver your coupons.

  • Email

    Email Campaign is a promo code campaign which distributes Amazon coupon codes to boost your sale, product ranking.... & reviews on Amazon by using direct or Email Delivery

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  • Lightning

    This is a promo code campaign which is purely focused on getting coupons to your customer as fast as possible. These.... campaigns don't collect leads and are purely sales oriented.

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  • Advertising

    This campaign is focused on advertising products that you're planning to release in the near future. This campaign creates.... awareness and allows you to retarget your customers to your live products post launch or collects leads of potential prospects.

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Amazing Features

Our tool helps Amazon Sellers to better utilize their investment they make to drive external traffic to their Amazon product listings by funneling the external traffic through our Landing Page and saving the customer's email to market them further in future. Most of our customers have seen upto 200% ROI on their investment



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Still having questions ? Check our FAQ

Where do you host the landing pages?

We host the landing pages in our state of the artfully secured & lightning fast servers with 265 Bit SSL Encryption. You can embed the landing pages you create with Discount Coupon Sender into your own website by just copy-pasting a small code if you want.

How can I track conversion?

The discount coupon sender has google analytics which gives a complete record of your tracking conversion.

Can I request for our own custom Landing Page template?

Yes, we will make a customized Landing Page template for you based on your requirements. Please email us at

Will I have access to all features during the trial period?

You will have access to all features according to the plan you select during the registration.

Can I pay via another mode of payment besides PayPal?

If you are not having any Paypal Account then no problem. We are working on other payment options. Contact us here for more information.

How can Discount Coupon Sender help me?

Discount Coupon Sender can help you to increase your ROI on external traffic campaigns that you run for your Amazon product listings. By funneling your external traffic through our landing pages you can collect your customer’s E-mail and market them/cross-sell them in the future.

Is Discount Coupon Sender compliant with Amazon’s terms & service?

Yes, our tool is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms and services.

Will you provide any support for using this tool?

Yes, we are always here to help you via Live chat & E-mails. Our support e-mail is  Also, we provide free 1 live screen share session in which we will demonstrate the tool to you totally free of cost. To book your live session please E-mail to our support E-mail given above.

Do I need to pay some extra charge for shipping?

All the details regarding the shipment of any product are given in the Product Detail Page. If you have a prime membership of Amazon or if there is “Free Shipping” message in product detail page, then you are eligible for free Amazon Shipment.

Contact us

Got a query ? We would love to hear from you! Contact us via Live Chat and we will revert back as soon as possible!

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